About droplert

What is droplert?

Droplert is an online price product finder (and price tracker for Amazon.co.uk). We keep price history for hundreds of products, allowing our visitors to compare the current Amazon selling price against historic pricing information.

Our aim is to provide the best price for the product you wish to buy.

Why droplert?

Whilst trying to compare prices for an Amazon.co.uk product during 2014, it became apparent that some of our competitors were too busy comparing product pricing across all Amazon locales (eg. Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it etc).

This meant that the product being tracked dropped in price, but the comparison site didn't notice. They were too busy on another Amazon locale to send a price drop alert. The product went back up to the regular price, and the comparison site were none the wiser.

Droplert was born.

What makes droplert different?

We only track products sold on Amazon.co.uk. We use a complex algorithm to ensure we're checking the right products at the right time. It also helps if users set up alerts for products they track regularly, so we know where to concentrate our efforts.

We also understand that users track whilst on the move, so we built our site from the ground up to ensure it works across phones and tablets too.